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What's My Home Worth?

Tucson Realty Advisors Specializes in Home Selling and offers to pay its Sellers a $1,000.00 should they fail to sell a home in 90 days or less!

If you are thinking about selling your home the first order of business should be to understand what your home is worth. The best way would be to do a full bank appraisal but may sellers don't want to spend the $400.00 or more. The next best thing is to have a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) done by one or more realtors.  (Sellers should  be careful and not just choose the relator who gives them the highest price. This practice is called "Buying the Listing" and some unethical agents provide a high price just so the seller will list with them. Months later when the home doesn't sell the agent will say they need a " Large Price Reduction.") 

What makes a good Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)? 

Simply put, a CMA is a report  on local market data that is used to determine the fair market value of a home. Good CMA's will utilize homes similar in size, style and location. This is fairly simple in many large subdivisinons where home plans are repeated and far more difficult with custom homes in unsubdivided areas. A good CMA will take four or more hours to construct and the agent should do multiple analysis and show you how and explain why he came up with his price. The CMA report should include both information on current active listings (your competition) and on recent sales (90 -180 days) in your neighborhood. Although no house is exactly like yours, these are the most similar properties and are often the ones that appraisers use to determine home values. Properties that should be considered are: square footage, location, amenities, style, date built, renovations, and property condition.

Online Vauations 

Today there many online companies that provide an online evaluation service. Zillow and Yahoo are by far the largest online providers. Both companies utilize large data bases of information and will provide you with a range of prices and a price for your home. (A note of CAUTION Often online evaluation providers can be 20% (+/-) or more off from what a professional realtor doing an depth market analysis will report.)

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